Thursday, January 24, 2008


The plus side to living out in the boonies is that I happen to be located fairly close to IKEA. I've been wanting to get some organizing boxes and IKEA really is the cheapest place to find them, so I took a trip to the giant blue building. And, as usual, I got lost. The place is so convoluted and the maps are arranged poorly. Anyway, I only got lost for a couple of minutes. I think part of the confusion was due to the fact that there was lots of construction going on in the building so certain areas (displayed in the maps) were actually closed off. Thus contributing to my confusion. I bought some organizing boxes and some tea mugs (only 60 cents each!). Then, at the check-out, you have to purchase plastic bags to carry your merchandise in. That kind of surprised me, but oh well, I didn't really need any bags.

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