Monday, July 19, 2010

Monday, July 12, 2010

I'm back for good this time!

Okay, so....since I have been so horrible at updating since Cecilia was born I am finally setting a plan in action. I hope to post one comic a week, on Monday - starting today.

On another note (for anyone who is actually still reading this blog) I am a HUGE Avatar the last airbender fan. I was incredibly excited when I heard that a live-action version was being made (though, it is completely unnecessary). I was even excited that Shyamalan was directed - despite critics I have always been a supporter of him.........that is.........until "The Happening" happened. But, I was hopeful, after all he had great material to work with. And, despite somewhat gloomy-looking trailers I was still optimistic.....

But the movie was not good. The main problem being that they removed all humor from the series and they changed the pronunciation of all the characters' names (why, I will never understand). There was also stiff acting, slow battle sequences, harsh editing (I think it would be difficult for a first-timer to understand the plot), and completely unnecessary narration (why tell us when you can show us). Upon the first viewing I hated it and hated how it ruined an excellent animated series that will probably suffer due to the movies ratings - the quality of the film has nothing to do with the animated quality of the animated series. But, after watching the entire series again and then re-watching the film (yes, I've only seen this on a downloaded camcapture version) I actually didn't find it quite so horrendous. The film still lacked any real character development (except maybe for Zuko) and Aang lost all personality (as did Katara and Sokka), but the writing wasn't as bad as I thought it was upon first viewing. In fact, I can understand some of the plot decisions and approve of some changes to the locations of certain events.

In the end, I don't think the movie deserves as much harsh criticism as it gets from those who weren't fans of the series. It was actually enjoyable when viewed as a film separate from the series. There is so much potential to make an incredible second film, but I fear it will never happen and I'm sad to not get to enjoy more of a wonderful franchise.

OK, rant over and done with - Watch the animated series!!!