Monday, October 26, 2009


I never had any cravings when I was pregnant, but now that I can't have certain items, I am craving them like crazy. These chocolate-mayonnaise cupcakes with a meringue-like frosting hit the spot. I've also set about making all sorts of cookies to fulfill my sweet tooth, but it's hard to get cookies right when you substitute oil for butter.


Now that we know what's going on with Cecilia's stomach, and can start to introduce her to solid foods. I spent a couple of hours making all sorts of baby food and freezing it for future use. She now has apple, pear, butternut squash, sweet potato, and zucchini purees.

Somewhat disappointing

Most women tend to rapidly lose weight after being on a dairy and soy free diet. But not me. I've managed to cook plenty of food for myself, I just can't eat out anymore.

The diagnosis

So, Cecilia has a hypersensitivity to dairy and soy proteins. Apparently, 50% of dairy protein allergy kids are also allergic to soy proteins, so I'm off soy as a precaution. She has been improving, and we haven't seen any more blood in her stool for several weeks. But, as of last week, I experimented with a soy-laden dinner, and sure enough she had blood in her stools the next day. So, guess I am officially off dairy and soy until she's weaned or one year-old.