Thursday, March 12, 2009

Taste of Chicago?

Seth and I love Chicago-style hot dogs, but you can't really get them outside of Illinois. So, when we heard about this burger and dog place we had to try it out. The hot dog was tasty, and a nice, modern take on the Chicago dog, but it just wasn't the same. Plus, they split the dog in half and didn't use a poppy-seed bun. Not to mention the obvious, that it was incredibly difficult (and messy) to actually eat it like a hot dog. But the flavor was good.


Won the tickets from work, but we didn't find out about it until three days before the show. And...I had to work that evening. Took me two days and a lot of phone calls, but I managed to find someone to cover my shift and Seth and I went to the play on Tuesday night. It was well done and all, but I think I would've enjoyed it more had I not already seen the movie a dozen times. But, no matter what, definitely worth a free ticket.

Spring forward

We really did forget.


Attended Staple! Saturday. I was an exhibitor with the Capstone Connection crew. I had a blast and sold over half of the crocheted stuffed animals I brought. I had gone through a phase of constantly creating these crocheted stuffies (amigurumi) and had accumulated quite a mass, so I thought I'd try to sell them. Who knew how well it would go? I have pictures of them on my flickr account, the cthulhu sold the fastest. I also had a lot of interest in my artwork, but I think I may be remembered more for the little stuffed animals, I've been working on making more cthulhus for potential online sale. Overall, though, Staple! was a blast ^_^

Midnight showing

Went to see a midnight showing of Watchmen. And it was amazing!


Yes, my stomach can move of its own accord now.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Apparently, Quiznos sub shops are not all the same here.

Still busy

I've still been rather busy and since I've mainly been working night shifts at the bookstore, my schedule has gotten really messed up. Hopefully things will settle soon. On a side note, I have been obsessively watching Gordon Ramsay's British shows (The F-word, and British Kitchen Nightmares). And, seeing the many versions of shepherd's/cottage pie being made, I had to cook one for dinner. I hate the portrayal and overly dramatized shows with Ramsay in the U.S., but the British ones are actually fun to watch. I actually can't stand the U.S. version of Hell's Kitchen. The drama is just unbearable and they make Ramsay out to be even more of an a$$hole than he seems to really be.

Busy week

I've had some pretty busy weeks building up with very little in the way of stories worthy of illustration. In fact, not much has really happened. The highlight of this week was the red velvet cupcakes I made (more like Pink velvet since I didn't have enough food coloring). They were delicious and had a great coconut frosting.