Monday, January 18, 2010

Seriously, this happens every time...

Seem familiar? We've been playing for two months now and I must've killed only three creatures and injured two. And with the rate at which I roll ones, I will more likely injure myself - it's purely by the good nature of the DM that I have only dropped my weapon. Everyone in the group acknowledges that I do seem to have a knack for rolling incredibly low values over and over.....I defy probability. Although, our entire group seems to have a poor rolling record, but mine is the worst.

A new campaign!

So, we've finally started another D&D session. And, despite playing a Goliath Barbarian I can't seem to kill, or even injure, anything.


I still don't really believe that Cecilia had a true milk and soy protein allergy (since she continued having extreme difficulties for two months despite me not even TOUCHING dairy or soy). But we still had to go visit the doctor for him to tell us that I still need to stay on the diet and that things seem to have worked themselves out. Argh! The important thing is that Cecilia is feeling better, and I don't see any blood anymore.

Things have finally gotten better!

Yes, it seems that her problems have stopped as of the end of November. But, I am still following the no dairy no soy diet, just not as strict. I'm pretty sure that soy is perfectly fine for me to eat, but not so sure about dairy. So...I don't gorge on milk and cheese, but I do have the occasional buttery cookie. It's amazing how much happier she is nowadays, and I'm getting much more sleep. she crawls all over the house and is curious about everything, and doesn't nap much, so I still don't have much free time - hence why I haven't been posting.