Tuesday, November 18, 2008


I got this great quick pickling book on Saturday and just couldn't wait to start pickling. The pickles in the strip are dill cucumber pickles and they pack a punch, but are extremely addictive. I have also made some "supercharged" black olives pickled in oil, and a red grape and jicama pickle. Yes, a fruit pickle. I've never had a fruit pickle before, so far they seem tasty, but I haven't really had a chance to taste them. The book is called "Quick Pickles" and it has some really intriguing pickles that I can't wait to try. Ones like pickled mango with scorched mustard, pineapple and cranberry pickle, and wine-barrel pickles. It also has some very convincing kimchee recipes that I look forward to making. I actually attempted a real kimchee recipe last year, but got so freaked out by it after the month it sat in the cupboard that I only tasted a bit and threw the rest out for fear of food poisoning. It had raw oysters in it! I think I had a right to be concerned. But the recipes in the book seem much less risky and I am excited. But first I have to finish the pickles I have ^_^.


Hari said...

My family uses lime pickle a lot... that adds an awesome tang to stuff!

Laura Williams said...

Sounds tasty!