Tuesday, November 18, 2008

No luck

So, I didn't get to make a reservation. But the lady on the phone was really nice and gave me hope that despite the restaurant being the best in America, little 'ole me could actually make a reservation. Next Chicage trip I plan is going to revolve around Alinea.


Anonymous said...

This is really weird. Do you know Lucy Knisley? You went as the same cartoon characters as her on Halloween and now you're trying to get a reservation to the same place she just reviewed on her blog. Strange.

Laura Williams said...

Actually I am an avid fan of her livejournal blog and have her books. But, the costume idea was a total coincidence. I commented on her blog about how weird it was that she had the same costume choice. As for Alinea, I'd already owned the cookbook, and my friends made a reservation at the restaurant, and then, Lucy wrote about going there on her blog. It made me think, "Gee, maybe I should try for a reservation". Lucy's stuff is awesome, though, big fan.