Sunday, February 3, 2008


Made donuts at home today. The dough was nice and airy, but needed to be a little sweeter. Good, but not worth the effort. I had to let the dough rise three times! Krispy Kremes taste just as good and require less effort.


Nick said...

Thanks for the reply. I'm Thai, and most of the Thai people I know, both in and out of the country, never make their own curry paste, thus you blew my mind. Alternately, I prefer cooking Italian food over almost anything.

Laura Williams said...

I never thought I'd make my own curry paste, but when I had just gotten a new food processor and wanted to test it on something. Then, after having my first completely homemade curry, there was no turning back. I was actually quite surprised at how much better it tasted than my store bought curry, and it really wasn't very hard to make (just required a lot of ingredients).

I figure as long as I can whip up a decent tomato sauce and meatballs I'm covered for Italian food. Although I do like experimenting with the more exotic Italian cuisine like braised lamb. Yum!