Thursday, November 4, 2010


This little girl could hardly walk because of how much "princess" was piled on her. She fell flat on her face on our front porch, then her dad rushed right in and picked her up. Poor thing.


Anonymous said...

We had a little witch on our door asking for sweets.
This holiday is so seldomly practised in Germany that she didn't have the courage to take more than one candy. I like it very much though. It's great for children and a good day for friends. Dressing up is a lot of fun and when I was a child I went down the streets with my friends all dressed up, asking for sweets even though nobody knew Halloween.

Laura Williams said...

I've always had a blast dressing up in costumes. Our neighborhood was crazy busy this year. Groups of children get carpooled over to our subdivision to go trick-or-treating. And many kids take more than one candy, even when you tell them to take only one.