Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Bad habits

Been obsessed with making whoopie pies. These are chocolate sandwiches with a peanut butter filling.

Here's the comic for last week. We spent Nov. 8-15 in Illinois visiting family. Cecilia did not appreciate the time-shift for daylight savings, a late plane flight, and being in a new environment very much. She tended to be overtired and overstimulated for the entire week (although, she didn't actually cry the whole time, just most of it). But, despite how cranky she was in general, she was great on the flight back.


Anonymous said...

Haha. It's the same with me. It doesn't matter what I cook I'm always ending up eating it up. And I'm not a very good cook either, ha.

Laura Williams said...

It's always nice to know I can consume two whole sticks of butter in less than a week when they are in dessert form.