Thursday, September 10, 2009

Four months and no sleep makes Laura insane

It's amazing how long one can survive without a full night's sleep. Cecilia's had issues that tend to disturb her sleep, and therefore my sleep. I really only get about 3 hours sleep in one sitting. We've had our hands quite full, more than was expected. And Cecilia has brought about a whole new issue that we never anticipated, and now, I am on a no dairy no soy diet. Goodbye to everything I love to eat. No dairy wasn't too big a deal because I had basically already given up dairy in an attempt to help Cecilia with her digestion, but at least I had Chinese food. Well, not anymore - no soy! Basically, I can't eat any processed foods and have to be careful about eating out. Cecilia's had gastrointestinal issues that may be due to me eating dairy and soy, so we are going to try out this restrictive diet for about a month and see if things get better. Even a small slice of cheese could cause problems, I have to watch everything I eat. Luckily I already like to cook, so that's not an obstacle, but the recipe list is limited. Wish me luck!


cosmicomiclady said...

Good Luck!!! It's so hard to adjust to a restrictive diet, but having a good reason/goal in mind should be a good help!
Are you going to be able to change you're diet back as she gets older?

Laura Williams said...

It's amazing how many things have soy in them. I'm basically conducting an experiment to see if the diet will help, so it may only last a month. If it is dairy and soy that is causing problems, then I'll only have to be off them until Cecilia is done breastfeeding.

outdoorprincess said...

Good luck! I have a niece who recently started having random hives and other allergic reactions randomly. Unfortunately her guardians don't want to try any new diets because (their argument) nothing has changed with the diet, and they both HATE to cook. So nothing is changing while they both just try to wait it out.
It's annoying to watch from the outside.