Monday, July 27, 2009


At her 2 month pediatrician visit we were told we needed to start giving her vitamins (mainly for the vitamin D). So I went to the store and got a liquid multi-vitamin for babies. She has to get a full 1 mL of vitamin liquid every day! That's a lot of fluid, like half her stomach. She didn't like it one bit and managed to spit out nearly all the liquid while making a very upset face. Now, we have to try to get the liquid way in the bacl of her throat and she takes a few seconds to choke it down, all the while giving us a painful expression. I don't blame her, that stuff is nasty.


Lexa said...


I'd recommend those tiny vitamin D pills. The ones we had dissolved the moment they had contact to humidity - so when given right before feeding milk it was no problem at all...

(and yes - ist always a bit messy to get liquids into small children when they do not like them...)

Cheers, Lexa

Laura Williams said...

I'll have to search for those, thanks!