Friday, April 24, 2009


I had some friends over for a Cuban-themed dinner of crispy shredded beef with garlic-scented rice and black beans. The food turned out tasty (particularly the rice), but the best part of the dinner was the dessert. I made cream puffs for the first time from the book "The Sweet Spot" by Pichet Ong. I did, however, discover that you should never overfill an icing bag. It makes a mess. The puffs were filled with ginger cream, and lime cream. The ginger cream was from the book made by mixing a ginger-flavored pastry cream with whipped cream. And the lime cream was my spur of the moment filling I made by mixing in some lime curd with the ginger cream. Both were tasty, but the ginger flavor was sooooo mild, you couldn't have known it was there in a blind tasting (except Seth, he has a remarkably good palette). Anyway, I would definitely make the recipe again, but maybe with a green tea filling instead.

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