Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Money beacon

I'm like George Costanza, where I can spot a dime from across the street with my glasses off. Well...not really that good, but I do have a tendency to pick loose change off the ground wherever I go. Sometimes it pays off, like when I found a $20 bill in junior high, to tonight, when I found two dollar bills on the floor at work. I also found a quarter and some pennies, but who's counting, hehe.


Holly said...

Ugh - I know what you mean about finding such a large percentage of your wage on the floor. When I worked at a clothes store I'd always get that feeling when I realised that people spent the same on a pair of trousers as I would get in 3 or more hours of wages. Sigh. Rubbish.

Laura Williams said...

Hah! I never really though about it that way...although I do tend to make comments on how my paycheck goes right into book purchases. Sigh.