Friday, May 23, 2008


Ever since I learned that Heelys came in adult shoe sizes, I had to get myself a pair. It's really difficult to get into the hang of skating on your heels. I am getting better, but am no where near as good as all the little kids I see gliding around effortlessly.


cosmicomiclady said...

ooh my goodness I've always wanted a pair of those but didn't think I could have some because they were only made for kids!!!
I'll have to look into this :D
- Sofia (lurker who loves to read your blog!)

Laura Williams said...

Check online. I bought a pair for a decent price, but most I find are waaay overpriced, so be careful and look around before buying. Also, a fellow blogger had found a pair at her local Shoe Carnival on sale. I didn't have any such luck, but there is an occasional deal online.

And, just to warn you, it's not as easy as it looks and is nothing like regular skating (or roller blading). But it is fun!