Sunday, December 23, 2007

New friends

Met a fellow dog owner with two Akitas! They were very sweet and my drawings don't do them justice (I'll have to practice drawing Akitas). The one on the left is Kaze, only 6 months old, 80 pounds and still growing. On the right is Kirei who is a gorgeous tan color while Kaze is mainly black. Both dogs would stand taller than me when on two legs, and Kaze is estimated to weigh more than me as well. It must be nice to have two giant, fluffy heat sources on cold Illinois nights.
On another topic, I am finally getting over my flu. My temperature was no higher than 100 today, and decreasing. About the only symptom I have left is a lot of muscle soreness and an occassional exhaustion/dizzy spell. I estimate that I will be well for Christmas morning. The only problem now is anticipating when Seth will come down with symptoms.

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