Tuesday, December 11, 2007

City of Ember

Loved the series. Apparently there is a movie version coming out next October, I'm already excited about it. Amulet just arrived in the mail today, very convenient as I just finished the third Ember book and am eager for something new. I'd have to say that I enjoyed the first book, The City of Ember, best. I even did a small drawing of one of my favorite scenes in the book, but I have yet to color it. I always feel so happy after reading a good book ^_^


m. angela bowman said...

Gah! I had to post just to fangirlishly squee that someone else has done Ember fanart! I haven't read the Prophet of Yonwood yet but I emailed the author a year ago and she said there'd be another book with Doon and Lina. Hurrah. The picture on DA is brilliant as well; that scene was fabulous, especially the blackout and guilt that ensued.

Okay. Off I trundle into the shadows once more. :D

(sorry, thought I should not be overly creepy and let you know this is Gastave/Girl-Farting from DA)

Laura Williams said...

Ah! Thanks for the comment! I loved the books and am excited for the fourth installment coming out next year (I think right around when the movie is coming out). I think the blackout scenes will be particularly great in film format, I hope they do the books justice.