Thursday, September 6, 2007

Why I don't leave the house

The instant I opened the door the moth flew in and hovered on my cheek until I brushed it away and slammed the door shut. And, since I've already established myself as a wimp, I have yet to recheck whether there are any packages on the doorstep. Ugh, I hate moths.


Edubabbler said...

Oohhh, thanks so much! If you can do something related to one of your mom's stories, that would be awesome. And if we can post it on both blogs, that would be great. Maybe that way I can generate a wider audience for your blog, and my students will have something to respond to. And my art ed students will LOVE it.

Thanks. Send me what you are thinking about and we can go from there. you know what would be even cooler, is if we can do a collaborative post with your mom. How cool would that be?

Edubabbler said...

Yes, the fire alarm in a storm sounds great!

Robert.O said...

If you install a screen mesh, insects wouldn't be able to go through the door.

Solving the now shifted problem of having humans pass through said screen is left as an exercise to the reader.

Hint: Liquids are hard to stop by mesh.