Friday, August 17, 2007

Watched a scary movie

Actually, I'm really never phased by scary movies. My husband doesn't like them, so I am always forced to watch them when he isn't around (and tonight happened to be a very stormy night). So, since I received "Shutter" in the mail (a Thai movie), and Seth was going to be at work late, this was the perfect opportunity to watch a scary movie. Normally I find horror movies to be very boring and bland - due to poor writing, cheesy acting, and overdone gore. I used to enjoy the gore factor when I was a kid, when they still had a lot of neat movie magic behind the scenes instead of just a computer. Then, with the whole advent of Asian horror in the theaters some new, interesting imagery came into film. But, along with Asian cinema comes the nonsensical story. Seriously, so few Asian horror movies have any real plot, just scene after scene after scene all ending in some horrible end-of-the-world type scenario. "Shutter", however, actually had a well thought out plot and some good creepy moments. Definitely one of the best Asian horror movies I've seen.

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