Sunday, August 19, 2007

Darn fire ants

I have grown increasingly more reactive to fire ant bites. My first year in Texas meant my first encounter with the beasts, I was bit by multiple ants on my foot. They stung briefly and then itched for a couple of days. The bite marks, however, lasted two weeks. I continued to be bitten at random other occasions on my hands, feet etc. with similar results. But just about two months ago, I had a major reaction to a single bite. My ankle swelled like crazy, and the bite itched horribly for a good week. Then, just yesterday I was bit again. This time, it swelled instantly and I began itching on my wrist and palms, and in my ears (?!). It was incredibly weird, and annoying so I decided to take Benadryl. Well, I passed out instantly, and this morning there is no itching or redness anywhere other than at the bite. It is, however, still very swollen and sore. I sense that if I get a multiple attack, I will need to seek actual help in the future. Stupid insects.

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