Wednesday, August 12, 2009


I've been needing one for so long (haha, "long"). My parents were visiting so it was the perfect opportunity, but my mom nearly fainted when she saw how much I cut off. Just in time, too, since Cecilia has been grabbing at things constantly.


m.angela said...

Hair cuts are so liberating. My dad reacts the same way as your mom, no matter how much I cut or trim: it's always too short! (:

Anonymous said...

My mom also has a tendency to do that, which always leaves me wavering on whether I like it longer or shorter! If I didn't have to cut it all the time I'd love to keep it shorter :D

Laura Williams said...

It ended up being a bit shorter than I anticipated, but it will always grow back. I always go through an adjustment period of learning that I no longer have as much hair; using less shampoo, etc.