Friday, December 5, 2008

Trying new foods

The Asia market here is mainly Vietnamese, and they have this great assortment of desserts/snacks on display right at the entrance. I always like to get a small assortment of new treats, along with old favorites. This time, there were quite a few that I hadn't seen before so I snatched them up. One was this delicious steamed banana cake (Banh Chuoi Hap) with a dipping sauce. The cake was gelatinous and sweet with good banana flavor while the dipping sauce was coconut based, salty, with tapioca pearls and sliced green onions. It was an interesting combination that wasn't unpleasant but also didin't leave me licking the last drops of dipping sauce out of the container. Another interesting dessert was a mochi-like item (Banh Xu Xe). It has a pandan leaf flavored tapioca "wrapper" surrounding a sweet mung bean filling (very much like red bean paste filling). The tapioca was very chewy while the mung bean paste was smooth and very sweet. Overall quite tasty. It's always an adventure with Asian desserts.

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