Friday, October 3, 2008


This man came into the store twice, both times with me at the cash registers. What do you say in response!?


Deanne said...

Dont you love it when customers return stuff and tell you the craziest stories??I work at the returns desk as a cashier and I get some seriously wierd stories, not to mention a lot of long pointless ones...its like they think they need a good reason to return items. lol

Deanne said...

err i meant i work at a returns desk at home depot...i dunnoo where the as a cashier came from...:)

Laura Williams said...

You must get some crazy stories. For the longest time retail stores used to ask why you wanted to return the item, so I guess people still feel like they need a good reason. Actually, you can tell what people feel really bad about returning books because they always have a reason for the return and apologize profusely. A lot of people don't even realize that you can return books.