Friday, November 9, 2007

Avatar rules!!!!

I have to say that tonight's episode was my favorite (so far) this season. The idea of blood-bending is just too cool. It all makes sense, considering our bodies are made up of about 78% water. Look at Magneto and Wolverine. Wolverine's practically Magneto's puppet cause his entire skeletal system is coated with adamantium. I always thought that water bending was one of the most powerful forms of bending, after all they can even turn water into ice. But, the writers did try to limit the blood-bending ability a bit, making it only available during the full moon. Still, the show is just too good!

And, for those of you who may not be an avid Avatar fan, it is a series on Nickelodeon, now in it's third season. The drawing is of the evil character in tonight's episode. I thought she was a great villain, and just had to draw her.

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Patricia Stuever said...

OH I love Avatar but I got out of the habit of watching after the first season so now I have to go buy the DVDs and catch up. I think I caught the tail end of either last weeks episode or a rerun that was REALLY good. Blood bending sounds like a water bender gone wrong(like the healer went bad or something) but I didn't see it so I guess I'll have to wait hehehe.